We want to inspire YOU with our new MULTIFUNCTIONING SERIES for everyone! Our "MOTTO" LEISURE AND SPORT, in terms of fit and fashion with work to connect, we have succeeded here for you!



Actual correct fit requirements in the field of the leisure time and sport are skilfully complied with the range SPORT 216 for the daily employment of labour. If no safety technical supplementary equipment is necessary, the workwear range Sport 216 is the first class. The ranges of use are varied and interbranch. Comfortable cut and the use of Stretch materials also enables to manage perfectly optimised complex jobs with long dwell time. Three neddle-lap-felled seams also manage durable wear like the used HiTech material mixture of PA Tectel, Lycra, polyester, sotton and Cordura. Of course the range SPORT 216 possesses a very good UV resistance (UV Standard 801). Modern colour combinations make sure good visibility, but they are also a guarantor for the fact that the Jackets and Trousers of the range SPORT 216 do not have to hide in modern style. Of course at all pieces of the range an individual creation in the own Corporate Design is possible. Also embroidery with the particular company logo or the name of the wearer is possible by request.

RANGES OF USE: interbranch fashionable multifuctional work wear for any employment of labour with long dwell time!
FIELDS OF ACTIVITY: each interbranch employment of labour which does not demand any safety technical supplementary equipment from the garments!

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