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SPONSORING SPORTS: Michael Unterkirchner - Trial, Enduro

Conditioned by COVID 19 the season started late.

It first started with the Austrian National Championship in Rohr im Gebirge (in Rohr in the mountains). There I could finish as nineteenth in the Open ÖM. Due to cancellations of some international candidates I had to proof in a very strong driver's field.

From 01. – 02. August in Pramlehen there was the next turn at which I could make good some places!

The season 2020 is over unfortunately too early and already after only 4 races. Michael wants to say thank you very much for the great support. Without you I could not have been able to do this sport in this intensity. Also at just a few races behind all this there is an enormous time and effort.

Unfortunately it was very hard this year to find rhythm what the results reflect.
Place 10 Enduro
Third place at the 26en Open ÖM

This means now to finish season 2020 and to use the winter break as good as possible in order to get prepared at the best hopefully to a halfway normal season 2021.

ÖEC PRAMLEHEN 17. August 2019 As leader in the ÖEC Junior Championship and as fifth Overall unfortunately OFF! In Pramlehen at the ÖEC Enduro Weekend I was unseated on the racing track at the fight for winning and went home with a shoulder luxation insted of a cup!

Bevore this I had the right race mode.

Fifth place in the Championship – Overall standings
1. Junior

Ninth place in the Championship – Overall standings
1. Junior

At the moment I am still third at the ÖEC Junior Championship noch auf Platz 3. and Overall I was not able to raise furthermore.

Finally my shoulder luxation turned out to be a rough injury and an operation was necessary. In the recovery of my convalescence I had time to think and realised: „and now more than ever – the Enduro racing sport is my heartfelt wish“!

I will do everything possible to be able to start at the next ÖEC MOUNTAIN ENDURO Race (12.-13. October 2019). After the successful season 2019 I want to concentrate on the future.

For the second time there is the MAXXIS SUPERENDURO (Indoor WM) programme. Worls Championship – Race in the Arena in the presence of thousands of spectators and Life TV. Head-to-head and spectacular jumps, through big stone fields, deep water goits and nonrhythmic tree trunk sections, really cool and super spectacular! Yours, Michael Unterkirchner

20. September 2019



Race report Guttaring 14.4.2019 

Guttaring - awesome race and top result. 

Saturday 13.4.2019 

6th place (1st place juniors) in the prologue and 1st row in the grid 

Sunday 14.4.2019 

3. Juniors 

13th Championship - over all / over 180 participants 

Sunday an incredibly exciting race on absolutely high-end Enduro racetrack. Long drive to Guttaring - over 4 hours (about 400m). But it has paid off. Things are looking up. In the previous ÖM races I could not fully implement my skills. But the trend is upwards and they are really exciting following races. 

Enduropanorama - Romania Week / 18/2019. 

Enduro Trophy - ET / ÖM Red Bull Ring / 18/5/2019 

Erzbergrodeo week 22/2019 

Previous results: 

March 30, 2019 St. Peter am Kammersberg 

8th place / Junior ÖM 

21st place / professional ÖM 

Stang The Race Saturday / Kirchschlag 

7th place / Junior ÖM 

19th place / professional ÖM 

Stang The Race Sonntag / Kirchschlag 

7th place / Junior ÖM 

18th place / professional ÖM 

Michael Unterkirchner_powered by Litz

Hacki’s Extreme Enduro- HEXE 2018  04/05. August 2018

The site has so many untapped potentials that can not be mastered by amateur enduro, that we have decided our own

"Extreme - Enduro" to challenge the best of the sport!

Extreme Enduro: Approximately 18km long lap (has been renewed compared to 2017) with steep slopes, ditches, canyons, root passages, cross travels, enduro cross and checkpoints

rank startnumber name firstname
1 2 Schneider Philipp
2 1 Bertl Philipp
3 7 Iby Jeremias
4 5 Moser Oliver
5 38 Enöckl Sebastian
6 4 Pirpamer Roberto
7 16 Riegler Patrick
8 8 Neuhold Alexander
9 13 Unterkirchner Michael
10 100 Vieghofer Christopher
11 3 Jestl Manuel
12 103 Weindl Moritz
13 10 Messner Marco
14 9 Bleiner Lukas
15 12 Riegler Mario
16 82 Raffezeder Mathias
17 20 Leitner Klaus
18 11 Günster Manuel
19 41 Gomig Lukas
20 98 Sturm Georg
21 102 Wallner Patrick
22 79 Pertl Felix

24. Erzbergrodeo 2018

For the 5th time, I was drawn to the Iron Giant like a magnet! The preparations were perfect this year and my greed for the fight with the toughest enduro race in the world was unlikely. Me and my KTM TPI 300 were pre-set for maximum performance and trimmed. Race planning & travel worked great right away. The Friday prologue went straight to the point and was once again the first challenge. The start number 161 proved to be a lucky stroke. I was able to start in the morning and the race track and the weather was perfect. I hit the best time on the Baket! The prologue track was incredibly fast and demanding and of course for the drivers in the Enduro scene of advantage. In addition, the track was properly stressed and prepared by the 1,800 riders after the first day of the race. So the second chance on Saturday already became quite difficult. Although I worked hard and risked everything, I could not beat my time from the previous day. Finally, I had fixed the 121 starting place for the RedBull Hare Scramble on Sunday already on Friday. 3rd row I am satisfied and concentrate fully on Sunday.


The Erzberg is in its element. There's a rush going on in the morning. Get the start numbers, check the KTM again, go through the track with the supervisors and racing colleagues once again and then it goes in brilliant sunshine to the start.

14:30 Uhr Start - Adrenaline makes the pulse rise and the first rows start. My start was unfortunately in the pants. I'm in the 3rd row on the grid as penultimate. Over 140 drivers in front of me! Now nothing else is left to me, I have to go crazy. My tactics drive away casually forward and save time and power does not work anymore. The first slopes were already clogged with the stuck drivers and I have to drive difficult variants and often simply push my KTM. Bath tub, inclined lift, Epiphany, Ludwig's land, etc. became an exhausting affair. At the Machine (Checkpoint 11) I finally got support from my supervisors, water, gasoline and concentrated feed. Then I was on my own again and only in Carl's dinner I met again on my supervisor.


Unfortunately, time was running out and I could not reach checkpoint 17 for 10 minutes anymore. In the stone desert, I overtook 4 more drivers, unfortunately, this was no longer rated.
Place 84 at the toughest enduro race in the world - at the Erzberg in Styria is written for this year.


From now on the countdown Erzberg 2019 - finish finish ......

your muk16 / Mike 4. Juni 2018

Enduro Rennen Rumänien 2018 Unterkirchner MUK16

1st multi-day enduro race in my young career. 15 hours arrival were a bit fierce, but with the prospect of driving a cool hard-enduro, no problem. My fellow drivers from Vorarlberg have already done a great job and perfectly organized the room and training course. For my first big race in Romania, I never risked anything and signed up for the Expert Group. Among the top 10 was my goal. Thursday prologue and first race day The 4th place in the prologue was once a surprise. After all, over 160 racers started in this category. In the afternoon the 13th place was fixed after the first race day.

The second and third race day (Friday & Saturday) went then each about 90 km and was then really cool. Extremely steep driveways, with even deadlier runs were interrupted by wide and challenging forest passages. Since then it was really fast to the point. Again and again supplemented by several brook beds and stone fields, which really keep the technical enduro in mind. In these areas you can really make good time or leave it alone. In these two days, I was really challenged and had to pay a lot of apprenticeship. On Sunday the final day, but then I was fully back and have at the final stage again really accelerated. With the 9th place I was able to settle on 15th place overall. The whole time, however, had my internal fight with Lukas Bleiner, a true veteran. Unfortunately, a technical infirmity was doomed to him.

A real asset to this point. So I was able to complete the race as the 2nd best Austrian. Philip Schneider in the pros was also great on it and drove in the middle of the top. He always shuttled between the 4 and 6 place. The final result then the super 6 place and best Austrian professional. We had a wonderful time together in Romania, and could have fought even better without severe hay fever. From now on, however, my focus is completely on the Erzbergrodeo - a top 100 place is targeted! muk16 - michael unterkirchner 12-5-2018

download report (german)

Results and starts season 2017

Enduro Trophy - Austrian Enduro Championship


Spielberg / 20. Mai / enduro trophy

Top 10 rankings

11th place - Perchau  / 24-6-2017 enduro trophy

21st place - St. Peter / Kbg 2017 / enduro trophy

Austrian Enduro Cup / ÖEC / Junior


2 races of 5 ÖEC Appreciation 2017 Junior 9th place

4. Place – ÖEC Hackstockgraben Junior

Top 10 placement – ÖEC Ötscher Enduro



7th place - Juniors 8-4-2017 Stang The Race Sa.

34th place - General 8-4-2017 Stang The Race Sa.

6. Place - Junioren  9-4-2017 Stang The Race So.

33rd place ÖM- General 9-4-2017Stang The Race So. /2 days rating  


Hard Enduro Ausland

12th place - X-Tracks Rasa 2017 18-3-2017 / Profi

9. Place – X-Tracks Rasa 2017 19-3-2017 / Profi

Wiesel X Hard Enduro 1-4-2017

28. Place – Prologue as 3rd Best Austrian
7. Place – group race
Place - Failure machine - Champ race finale

31. Place - Enduro Buzet Race 14-5-2017 / Profi  
9. Place – Enduro Buzet Race 14-5-2017 / Junioren

23. Place – Verd Extreme Enduro 2017 / Profi

 Top 20th place – Hard Enduro Race Buzet 21-10-2017 /


Hard Enduro Austria

Witch 2017 - Hackis Extreme Enduro - Lunz am See / The premiere of Extreme Enduro in the Hackstockgraben

7.Place – Hexe – Prologtime –

Top 20 placement – Hexe – Hard Enduro 30. Sept


Highs and Highlights!

Erzbergrodeo XX3

140. Place

See attachment "Hare ScramBle Erzbergrodeo 2017"



5. Place – Guguruz race Sat. 28-10-2017 Vorarlberg

2010 1st place Grand Prix Goaß WM Saalbach

2011 3rd place trial youth state championship

2012 7th place trial junior state championship

2013 3rd place trial junior state championship


1st place International Bodenseemeisterschaft

1. Start at Enduro race

5th place Junior Enduro Cup

692nd place Erzbergrodeo


14th place Enduro Junior State Championship

11th place trial state championship

196th place Erzbergrodeo


7th place Austrian state championship trial
11th place Enduro Trophy

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