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Häufig gestellte Fragen

We basically recommend a Tragedauer von 365 Tagen oder 50 Wäschen bei sachgemäßer Verwendung der Bekleidungsteile.

Please read all Pflege- and Waschvorschriften dem im Bekleidungsteil eingenähten Pflegeetikett. Generell sollen keine Bleichmittel, Weichmacher oder aggressive Waschmittel verwendet werden. Links drehen (d.h. Innenseite nach außen) und die Trocknung im Schongang verlängert die Stabilität des Gewebes.

Please refer to all information on statutory warranty from our general terms and conditions.

In the LITZ repair workshop all necessary repairs can be offered and, if required, can be carried out very quickly within 1-2 weeks.

Unisex sizes are to be understood as standard size for men and women.

Ladies' sizes correspond to the following men's sizes: Men's size 48 corresponds to Ladies' size 42 (3 numbers difference)!

Prints for large print runs are cheaper, but they are only washable and colourfast up to 40 ° C (degrees) and are only proper for T-shirts, polo-shirts and sweatshirts. Patches in the best LITZ quality can also be applied flexibly in any amount at a washing temperature of at least 40, 60 or 95 degrees household linen for all safety at work models. The highest quality finishing form is embroidery which not only gives the work wear a high-quality look, but also remains 100% wash- and colourfast even at very high washing temperatures. However we advise at shirts, polo-shirts and T-shirts for reasons of wearing comfort against large-area embroidery on the back side. In our own LITZ embroidery manufacture high-quality embroidery solutions are constantly produced.

Please note, however, that in the case of subsequent attachment to stock items, the positions of the attachment of the chosen logo version must always be checked for producibility.
Fragen sie bei Bedarf unser Fachpersonal in Hause LITZ!

The "STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®" is a worldwide standard test and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products of all processing stages with the aim of a comprehensive pollutant freedom. All non-textile parts in the manufacturing process are also tested. (Text source from

An essential criterion for the quality of watertightness is the quality of the PU membranes based on the so-called water column. Make sure that this is at least 8,000 - 10,000 mm in new condition regarding Oudoorjacken including the welded seam processing in the same quality. That guarantees the tightness even in heavy rainfall for several hours. Outdoor Jackets produced by LITZ made of PU material consistently meet this quality standard.

For extreme ranges of use we recommend our licensed material Sympatex with a water column of 35.000 mm which we also use in several stock models. Here continuous rain has no chance!

High quality cotton concerning for example LITZ T-shirts or LITZ polo-shirts is made of high-quality combed yarns and also high sanfor equipment and remains in stable shape even at higher washing temperatures of 60 degrees household linen. The shrinkage is maximum 2-3 percent. On demand LITZ can also offer you FAIRTRADE cotton yarn, organic cotton yarns and more.

Generallyadmitted: the more robust, durable, easy-care, water- and dirt-repellent the fabric of the garment in the work input has to be, the more fabric of the garment, the more polyester percentage makes sense. Blended fabric is usually composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Generally pure cotton is more skin-friendly and breathable.

At dangerous work areas which require special clothing, the clothing is prescribed by the European PPE (personal protective equipment) depending on the purpose of use which must be examined by a certified institute before being sold on the market, in the field of manufacture and materials used - this is called PROTOTYPE EXAMINATION!

This must be visible inside the garment innen als Etikett including a supplementary sheet per model which includes the tested specifications as information for the wearer once more!

  • Standard Workwear:
    for normal use without standard specification & EN 343
  • Signal range:
    EN 20471 & EN 343
  • Flammschutz and Schweisserschutzbereiche:
    EN 11611, EN 11612, EN 1149-5, EN 13034: Type6, EN 61482-1 and 61482-2, EN 343
  • Multinorm range of protection:
    EN 11611, EN11612, EN1149-5, EN 61482-1 and 61482-2, EN 20471, EN 13034: Type 6, EN 343
  • Alu & Heat Protection Wear bis 1500° Grad:
    EN 11611, EN11612, EN1149-5
  • Tiefkühl & Thermobekleidung:
    EN 342/3

Für weitere Fragen steht innen unser Fachpersonal gerne im Hause LITZ zur Verfügung.

3-fold lap-felled seams strengthen the seams in exposed and especially burdened areas, such as longitudinal seams, or are also visually modern.

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